Viral video shows young men performing water gun drive-bys on Chicago pedestrians

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A video of a group of males shooting water guns at Chicago pedestrians has gone viral on social media this week.

Who among us didn't make a mistake or two when we were young, but pointing guns at people, even water guns in Chicago, when so many people are dying as a result of gun violence is not only foolish, it could potentially lead to even more bloodshed.

The viral video shows a handful of young guys packed in a car, passing the time on a hot spring day by dousing unsuspecting victims with water guns all the while recording their attacks on cell phone, and then posting them in a series of separate videos on social media.

Two of the men even got out of their car at one point to spray a woman at the corner of Clyde and 75th.

James Rice was busy in his hair studio next door, but he still remembers the moments following the attack.

"I was in here working on my client and a young lady ran in here with her face soaked with water and somebody said somebody in a car sprayed her with a water gun," Rice said.

On Thursday afternoon, one of the perpetrators took to social media to explain that it was all in good fun.

"Man you all crazy man...I am just havin fun man...I ain't practicing drive by's...I graduated from Hyde Park...I ain't no, no, no," he said.

FOX 32 showed the video to people in the neighborhood. Not only did they not think it was funny, but they believe it could also be deadly.

"First of all I think he's tryin to shoot me so that's not funny, not at this point in time," one man said.

"They could catch the right person with a real gun, I mean that was a lot of water, you hit the right person you could get the wrong reaction," another man said.

FOX 32 reached out to one of the suspected shooters on social media hoping to get a better understanding of why this group of young men not only shot people at random, but then posted the attacks and their faces on social media. FOX 32 has yet to receive a response.

FOX 32 also asked CPD about what if any charges these young men could be facing, but they had no comment.