Violent weekend in the District as police investigate multiple shootings, homicides

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Police are investigating several violent shootings that resulted in multiple injuries and deaths over the weekend in the District.

Authorities say a man was shot and killed Sunday night around 7 p.m. in the 3400 block of 13 Place in the southeast. Officers say 18 year-old Ja'Vontay Brown was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. No suspects have been identified at this time.

Earlier Sunday, around 5 p.m., police say one man was killed and another was wounded in a shooting in the northwest. Authorities say 28-year-old Christopher Payne was shot and killed on the 1400 block of W Street. Officials say the second victim, 21-year-old Duan Garmany was transported to a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds. Garmany was later charged with first degree murder in connection with Payne's shooting death.

A three-year-old boy, a six-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man were shot while waiting for a bus just after midnight early Sunday morning on Southern Avenue in the southeast. Authorities say the children suffered from non-life threatening injuries and have been released from the hospital. The man remains hospitalized. Police say a dark colored sedan with tinted windows drove by and started shooting. No suspects have been identified at this time.