Violent brawl breaks out between fans in the stands at FedEx Field during Washington Commanders game

Videos posted online captured a violent brawl that broke out between fans in the stands at FedEx Field Sunday during the Washington Commanders season opener.

Several videos posted to X, formerly Twitter, show what appears to be a series of verbal arguments between fans spiraling out of control resulting in pushing, shoving, and punches being thrown.

In one video, a man in a Ravens jersey can be seen arguing with several other men in Commanders gear. The man in the Ravens jersey appears to fall to the ground and several other fans spill out into the aisle where s scuffle breaks out.

Another video shows a fan in Commanders gear holding the arms of a man in a Ravens jersey while another Commanders fan violently punches him several times in the face.

Police now say 33-year-old Martino Ancora — the man struck in the face — was arrested and charged with trespassing on private property, disorderly conduct and second degree assault. 

Another video shows event staff trying to regain control of the situation as the fighting continues.

Prince George’s County Police say they are looking into the incident. The Washington Commanders issued a comment to FOX 5 in response to the video, saying: 

"The safety of our players and our fans is our highest priority. Our security team responded quickly and removed those who were engaging in behavior that was unsafe. One fan was transported to the hospital and subsequently arrested by Prince George’s County Police.

We remind fans before and during the game about appropriate behavior at FedExField to ensure the experience is great for all of our fans."

Head Coach Ron Rivera also offered a comment after FOX 5 made him aware of the video during Monday's press availability. 

"You know, it's one of the things that you know, the tradition of Washington football is true. You go all the way back to the '80s coaches here and you just know that that's not that's not what his fan base is about. This fan base is really truly an iconic one because of its past, its history, its tradition. We've just got to understand, treat each other the same way and just understand that it's all about you know, enjoying the game, the atmosphere," Rivera said. 

The Commanders rallied to beat the Arizona Cardinals 20-16 Sunday.