Vienna dad's video of cars passing stopped buses prompts enforcement

Sam Lee says he and his neighbors have tried nearly everything to keep drivers from passing stopped school buses at his children's stop off Gallows Road, including taking rotating shifts standing in the road, but it seems his cell phone video of violators and tweets prompted police action.

This week, Lee says Fairfax County Police and McLean Police were visible at the intersection of Gallows Rd. and Quantum Dr. near Tysons Corner stopping drivers and writing tickets for passing the buses.

According to Lee's video, in one recent instance a school bus from the Madeira School in McLean broke the law. The school released the following statement on the incident late Wednesday:

"Safety is paramount. It appears that our driver fell short in this instance.
We take this matter very seriously, and will be addressing the situation with the driver promptly."

"I would just hate to see an avoidable accident whether it's with the bus directly or cars around the bus. Anything that would directly affect the welfare of the children and their ability to get back and forth to school," said Lee.

In Virginia, all drivers must stop for a stopped school bus unless they are on the other side of a divided highway with a median. Breaking the law is considered reckless driving, a six-point offense with a fine up to $2,500.

The act is also illegal in Maryland and the District, where tickets and fines may be written to offending drivers.

"It's not worth it. It's about safety of the children. Not just the safety of the children but also the safety of other people on the road. Let's not do it. There's just no excuse for this," said Lee.