VIDEO: Time-lapse of Cleveland Park Metro station flooding

Metro released time-lapse video of the flash flooding that caused the Cleveland Park station to close for nearly two hours during heavy torrential downpour that occurred on Tuesday.

The video shows the rainwater on the street from Connecticut Avenue rising above the curb and flowing down the stairs and escalator at the southbound entrance of the Metro station. The video shows the flooding started to happen at around 6:04 p.m. during the rush hour commute and continued for about 12 minutes before coming to an end.

Metro said there were no injuries, but it had to shut down the station to dry out the flooded area in the mezzanine level in addition to inspecting the escalators.

Cleveland Park residents told FOX 5 they have not seen flooding like this at the Metro station before, but they are not surprised because they have been complaining for years about D.C. sewers in this neighborhood not doing a good enough job handling rainwater during these severe storms.

"There are at least four spots in the next block where water shoots up whenever we have more than 15 minutes of rain," said Cleveland Park resident Mark Stratner. "I have called and complained and they don't seem to do anything."

DC Water showed up on Wednesday to check on some storm drains and manhole covers in the area. According to the water and sewer authority, it said this was act of God and there was nothing they could have done about it.

"When it rains hard like that, the sewer lines are going to take as much water as they can, and when they can't take anymore, everything else is going to get backed up because there is nowhere else for the water to go," said Eric Kelley of DC Water. "It's just going to be stagnant and is going to stay right there."

The floor drains at the Metro station eventually were able to divert the water from getting all the way down to the tracks.

Metro also had inspectors were out here on Wednesday and they said neither the escalators nor tracks suffered any damage.