Video shows strangling altercation between Fairfax County middle school students on bus

A Fairfax County mother has shared a video showing her son being assaulted and strangled on the school bus by another student.

Taylor Brock wrote on the blog Modma that the assault occurred on Jan. 23. She also says the student has stolen from her son before and has also attacked and strangled him prior to what is documented in the video.

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The school, Walt Whitman Middle School, told Brock that they couldn't disclose what action would be taken against the student but that it would be taken care of, according to the blog.

Brock says she went to the courthouse and got a protection order which says the student was to remain a minimum of 50 feet away from her son. He later told her that the student had come back to school after being suspended.

"We must hold schools accountable and I hope that shining a light on this instance, fortunately caught on camera, and on the school's reaction to it, will get parents to speak up and stand together to show the world that things need to change," Brock wrote.

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Fairfax County Public Schools released this statement on the incident to FOX 5:

"The school administration handled the situation in line with the student discipline manual (FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities). We are unable to share further information due to federal privacy laws."