Video shows deadly drive-by shooting in Southeast DC as children run for their lives

One week after a deadly drive-by shooting in Southeast D.C., a video has surfaced showing the extreme viciousness of the attack.

The footage, apparently recorded by a nearby surveillance camera, was posted to Instagram and shows two men firing assault rifles from a sedan.

As the gunfire begins, the three men being targeted run for cover while an adult and two small children run for their lives.

D.C. police say all three men were all hit by the gunfire. Two of them survived while the third, Raheem Murray, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The video also shows one of the gunmen leaving the car and running up to Murray pumping more rounds into his body from an assault rifle with an extended magazine.

The men then drive off up 3rd toward Atlantic Street.

Tawana Wood, who lives on Third Street says the neighborhood is so dangerous she will not allow her grandsons to play outside when they come to visit.

"It's such a sad thing I have been around here 25 years and this is the worse crap," said Wood, "this is terrible my kids are saying when are we gonna move mom when are we gonna move and I have five sons and none of them--I never had to do this with them this is terrible---yeah it is really bad".

D.C. police say they do not have a motive in the attack but have not ruled out a neighborhood beef.

"I would say the community should be very disturbed after what happened", said Captain Anthony Haythe, Commander of Homicide, "the individuals who live in that neighborhood should not want to tolerate that type of violence in that neighborhood or any other neighborhood. I would say if you have any information you are encouraged to call".

Police have not put out a description of the car but are offering a $25,000 dollar reward.

Murray is the stepson of a recently retired D.C. police officer. 

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday the Feb. 15 at the House of Praise on Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue Northeast.