Victim of vicious Northeast DC attack speaks out

The victim of a vicious attack outside a northeast nightclub spoke out to Fox 5's Paul Wagner on Thursday about the violent assault.

The incident happened just after 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday two weeks ago when a man, who we are not identifying, left the Layla Lounge with a man he thought at the time was a friend.

He admits being drunk, needing help, and holding onto his friends arm.

"And the next thing I know he disappears and about six guys walk up from behind me and they hold my arms and one of the guys comes up to me and puts a gun up to my chest and tells me to run through my stuff and give up my belongings basically and I'm just cursing and yelling and I was panicking," the victim described. "At that moment I didn't know I was getting robbed, it felt like a prank."

This was no prank - for whatever reason the men took the man to the ground, hit him in the face, rifled his pockets and when they were done kicked him in the face, leaving him unconscious.

"To be honest I didn't know what was happening, like I said I was intoxicated but even after the fact I was in pain, I couldn't open my jaw and I wasn't able to eat for a week," the victim explained.

The man, who grew up in Washington and knows the risks of being out late at night, now blames himself for the attack.

"It didn't have to go the way it did and I don't believe I deserved it," he explained. "I don't believe anyone deserves it and there are just grimy people and petty people in the world."

The victim, who works as a freelance technician, says he wants the men responsible arrested and held accountable for what they did. He knows they were in the Layla Lounge that night, and took advantage of him.