Va. governor stirs the pot with 'Maryland crab' comment

There's a war of words boiling up between Virginia and Maryland like a big pot of Old Bay.

At issue? Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe's bold claim that Maryland blue crabs should instead be called Virginia blue crabs.

McAuliffe based his claim on the fact that the crabs spawn in the Virginia waters of the Chesapeake before they migrate to Maryland.

"They are now Virginia crabs. I just came out with the truth!" said Gov. McAuliffe. "All of those crabs, Chesapeake Bay crabs, were born in Virginia. Unfortunately, the currents take them. They die in Maryland."

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan fired off a statement saying, "Like most Virginians with any sense, eventually the crabs move north to Maryland, where the waters are much more inviting and hospitable."

So far, neither governor appears to be budging from their position.