Users report address glitch on free COVID test kit website

If you’ve had trouble getting your free COVID-19 test kits from the new United States Postal Service (USPS) COVID test kit website, you’re not alone.

Some say they couldn't get test kits because their neighbor already did.

FOX 5 found those living in buildings with several units are being told they already ordered their allotted test kits, when really only their neighbor did.

Just hours after its launch, a glitch in the new federal COVID test kit website is causing headaches for people living in multi-residential complexes.

"They were eager to get it out with omicron spreading as fast as it is, the intent to get it out quickly was there," said public health policy expert Seth Denson.

"The problem is as with everything, the devil’s in the details."

Free government COVID test kits now available: Everything you need to know

What was supposed to be a streamlined process now has some major issues.

We spoke to a Howard University student who couldn't get the tests.

"I went in there and put my address in and immediately got back must enter a valid address in order to get them sent to you," said Dem Prince.

He confirmed his address was correct through the USPS website. Then, the system said his address had already ordered its limit for COVID tests.

"Living on campus, you live in a dorm, the dorm can have hundreds and sometimes a thousand or more students in it," Prince explained.

He’s not alone. Many people frustrated coming across the same alert.

Denson said the White House needs to nail down these snafus before it’s too late, "I’ve got to think they’re working round the clock with these addresses," he said. 


"Those that I’m talking to seem to think they’ll have this resolved within the next couple of days, if not even sooner," Denson said.

Social media users did find some solutions.

Some had success putting the apartment number in line one, not line two of the address. For instance: 123 Main Street, unit 4.

Others say you can call the postal service and have your home correctly categorized as a multi-unit building.

However, the general consensus about the roll-out is "frustration."

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"For those in those units, I would tell you to keep trying and certainly the government’s going to be working on this," Denson said.

It is still unclear what could be behind these issues other than perhaps a zoning issue.

USPS said They are seeing "very limited cases of addresses that are not registered as multi-unit buildings which could lead to COVID test kit ordering difficulties."

"This is occurring in a small percentage of orders," USPS added.  

The postal service agency recommends filing a service request or contacting their help desk to address the issue.