Union Pub announces 'Speaker of the Pub' deal for $218

Capitol Hill dive bar Union Pub is offering a "Speaker of the Pub" special as the House continues to struggle to elect a new speaker. 

For $218 (in honor of the 218 votes needed for Rep. Kevin McCarthy to be House speaker), you can get two buckets of Budweiser or Bud Light beers, eight shots of whiskey, a bottle of wine and another of "Fancy Champagne and a platter of totchos (tater-tot nachos). And on top of it all, you can bang your own "Speaker of the Pub" gavel. 

The deal was announced on Thursday and runs until a Speaker of the House is elected. The last time the House failed to decide on a speaker 100 years ago, it took two months for a speaker to finally be elected – so this special could be in place for a while.