U.S. Air Force conducting drills at bases in Estonia

AMARI AIR BASE, Estonia - The U.S Air Force is conducting drills at two bases in Estonia - so close to Russia that the jets can be seen on the horizon.

The drills are normally based in Italy but this year, 14 fighter jets and about 300 personnel are training together with Estonia.

Members of the Swedish and Finnish air forces are also participating.

"Well, we stay far enough away (from Russia) to where we don't have to worry about any zones or anything like that. There is an airspace that is very clear here in Estonia where we're at right now, and we don't go any farther that this airspace. It's not even an issue for us. We don't even think about it," said Lt. Col. Christopher Austin of the 510th Fighter Squadron Commander.

The four week drill is part of a string of non-stop exercises by U.S. forces in Europe - from Estonia to Bulgaria.

The drills have been scaled up since last year following the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia is also increasing its own military activity in the Baltics, prompting complaints from Estonia, Finland and Sweden.