Trump wins presidency, but will he be able to end gridlock with Congress?

Republicans kept control of both the House and Senate. So, is that a blank check for Donald Trump? Editor in chief of The Hill, Bob Cusack, joined us and said he thinks the gridlock may end.


"Look at Obamacare," Cusack said Wednesday morning following the election. "The House and Senate will move to repeal and replace Obamacare. And Donald Trump would sign it. So this is a big deal." He called the election one of the worst nights in the history of the Democratic Party.

"They were expecting to win the senate - expecting to pick up a lot of house seats. That didn't happen. of course, the big shocker was they didn't win the White House."


"I think he'll get some resistance, but now it's about policy. I think a lot of Republicans will rally behind Trump, because basically, they agree on a lot," Cusack continued. He said that while there may be some disagreement over the border wall Trump proposed, the President-elect and Republicans both oppose Obamacare and support lowering taxes.


How will President-elect Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan work together? Cusack says that just last month Trump said Ryan would be in a different position after the election.

"I do think that the chances are Paul Ryan is going to be your next speaker but that's up to Trump," he said. Cusack said he believes the party will back him if he chooses to go in another direction.

"I think they'll smoke the peace-pipe - but that remains to be seen."

Cusack transportation and infrastructure spending, and congressional term-limits may be some of the early proposals we see from the Trump administration.