Trailer filled with donations for Afghan refugees stolen in Prince George's County

A trailer full of donations for Afghan refugees was recently stolen in Prince George’s County. 

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Manizha Azizi told FOX 5’s Perris Jones she had been collecting donations for weeks in hopes of delivering them to families this past Monday. 

She said the trailer was stolen Saturday in College Park on Branchville Road.  

Azizi said some of the items inside the trailer included furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, sewing machines, rugs, and bicycles.  

She says they were items based on the specific needs for each of the families she’s been working with. 

"That night I really couldn’t sleep," Azizi said. "I was very anxious and I kept thinking about all of the families, everything that I had basically promised certain families that were in that trailer." 

"I was waiting to collect more items for that particular family of their wish list and deliver it to them and now it’s all gone I have to start from scratch." 

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Azizi says she’s been collecting donations and volunteering with organizations in the DMV working to resettle Afghanistan refugees since the Taliban takeover. 

She said it was personal for her to help those families in their time of need.  

"I am an Afghan American myself, I came here as a refugee myself at the age of 7," Azizi said. "I saw my parents going through it, we went through it, so it hits home." 

Azizi believes the value of the items inside the trailer and the trailer itself is between $6000 to $8000. 

She said the Prince George’s County Police Department is investigating. 

There is a fundraiser, on behalf of Manizha, where the proceeds will go toward helping replace the stolen donations items and trailer. If you'd like to donate, click here