Title 42 expiring could mean more buses of migrants coming to DC

At midnight, Title 42 expires, and there are warnings that a flood of migrants could cross the Mexican border when that happens. 

Thursday morning, another group of migrants was bused to Vice President Kamala Harris' residence, and D.C. officials say the District is being used in the political war over immigration.

Those buses filled with migrants sent from Texas showed up at Vice President Harris' home at the Naval Observatory at 6 a.m., while another pair of buses arrived in D.C.’s Sheppard Park neighborhood in Northeast.

D.C. leaders told FOX 5 Thursday that they are concerned that ending Title 42 could mean even more buses –  filled with migrants – could be making their way to the nation’s capital. 

D.C. Councilmember Robert White told FOX 5, D.C. – among other big cities – has been left to figure out how to deal with a humanitarian crisis, while no federal solution appears in sight.

"We did recently hit the point of filling up all of our family housing shelter space, and with Title 42 expiring many of us expect there will continue to be an influx of migrants coming and none of us want to see people, children, and families sleeping on the streets!" Councilmember White said. 


10,000 migrants stopped in one day ahead of Title 42 expiration

New rules will make it extremely difficult for anyone who travels through another country, like Mexico, to qualify for asylum.

Title 42, known as "Remain in Mexico," cut down border crossings during the pandemic, but the ending of the COVID health emergency means the ending of Title 42, too. 

The Republican-backed "Secure the Border Act" aims to restart the border wall restrictions, but Maryland Congressman Glenn Ivey – who just came back from the Mexican border – says what’s needed is immigration reform.

"The wall costs $25 million per mile," Rep. Glenn Ivey (D-MD) said. "The bill calls for at least 900 miles of wall to be built, even though there's 1,700 miles of border wall together, so the cost is astronomical." 


2 buses of migrants dropped off outside VP Harris’s residence near Naval Observatory in DC

Two buses of migrants were dropped off Thursday morning outside Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in northwest Washington, D.C.

Councilman White says in the short term the District will need more financial assistance and space from the federal government to house the migrant families that are expected to arrive. Some reports say there are around 65,000 migrants ready to cross into the U.S. illegally once Title 42 expires