Tips on how to prevent a carjacking after two cars stolen with children inside within weeks

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Taking your keys out of the car when you aren't in it may sound simple, but the D.C. region has seen some horrifying recent examples of what can happen when people don't. In the past two weeks, two cars have been stolen with both keys - and children - still inside.

"Do not leave your keys in the vehicle," security expert Derrick White said Tuesday, stating a seemingly obvious but sometimes overlooked way to make sure you aren't a victim.

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Given that one of the aforementioned car thefts happened at a gas station, Parks also recommended filling up your car during the day, going to crowded gas stations and being aware of your surroundings.

"We get comfortable of 'it won't happen to me,' and then the next thing you know, it's exactly happening to you," Parks explained.

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At a D.C. gas station Wednesday afternoon, most people had, in fact, taken their keys with them while filling up. Others, however, did not.

"I'm definitely working on not doing that," one man said after learning about the previous thefts.