Tip bombers bring holiday cheer to Herndon waitress

For 15 years, a group of Secret Santas has been pulling off an annual tradition in the spirit of holiday giving.

Known as "Tip Bombers," the group goes to dine and then surprises their unsuspecting server with a giant tip on their bill.

Despite the long tradition, the "Tip Bombers" still manage to keep their true identities hidden.

Today their lucky server at the Mellow Mushroom in Herndon got a cash surprise just in time for Christmas.

"I kind of just looked at it and went to my manager and showed him…like what is this?" Morgan Allis said.

Allis said she never expected all the extra green when she opened up her tip book - the gift could have gone to any one of the hardworking servers at the Herndon restaurant.

"We were just doing our regular shift, taking care of our guests and definitely it was a big surprise," Mellow Mushroom manager Lenin Aguilar said.

None of the staff knew what was coming, or had even heard of a "Tip Bomb" when the two diners came in for lunch Friday afternoon and left Allis a $713 tip on a $16 bill - which is more than 4,000 percent.

Allis - who's finishing up her last year at George Mason - plans to put the extra cash toward her future.

"Probably save it - I might spend a little bit but definitely going to put a lot of it towards school so I can get some of that paid off. I really appreciate it and I know there are a lot of other servers who deserve this and it just means a lot that I got it because I can really do a lot with that money and it just means a lot," she said.

You can learn more about Tip Bombers by visiting their website.