Tim Kaine wins U.S. Senate seat in Virginia

(AP) -- Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine won re-election, turning back a challenge by firebrand Republican Corey Stewart.

A former governor, Kaine had entered the race heavily favored against Stewart, a conservative provocateur who styled himself after President Donald Trump but who received little help from national Republicans and the White House during the campaign.

Kaine and Stewart had heated clashes during their three candidate debates, but the rest of the race was largely one-sided. Kaine had more than $20 million to spend on the race and blanketed the state with TV ads. Stewart had only a fraction to spend and relied mostly on social media to try and amplify his voice.

Best known for his outspoken support of Confederate imagery, Stewart is a one-time Trump state campaign chairman. But he received almost no help from the White House -- Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Virginia multiple times but never campaigned with Stewart.

Whites with a college education were more likely to favor Kaine, and whites without a college degree appeared to prefer Stewart, the survey showed.

Kaine was preferred among black voters and also led among Hispanic voters.

Voters under 45 favored Kaine; those ages 45 and older modestly supported Kaine.