Threatening hate messages spray painted on synagogue

A south Florida synagogue was hit by hate after being targeted with offensive vandalism.

Police in Hollywood are investigating threatening messages spray painted on the outside of the synagogue ranging from "I'm watching you" to "F the Jews."

The hate speech was discovered in parts of the building that are being renovated.

Temple members say they're concerned about the disturbing hate-filled messages.

"I've been a rabbi in this community for the past 25 years. It's never happened. I never saw this, what I saw last night," said Rabbi Leon Benhamu of the B'nai Sephardim Synagogue.

"It really hit me and my eyes to see that. That's why I was really, to be honest with you, really upset. It's not pleasant. It's not pleasant, really," said temple member Josh Elgrably.

What happened last night I'm very, very sick and very surprised to see it this type of attacking," continued Benhamu. "If the perpetrator says they are sorry, I will accept the apology."

At this time, the suspect has not been caught.