Texas 6-year-old has greatest Selena-themed birthday party

A Texas family threw one of the best birthday parties for their six-year-old -- and now the whole world is suffering from Selena fever.

Alex and Belinda Vela believe in family traditions and one of those is throwing epic birthday parties.

Just to paint the picture for you, for their daughter Ayvah's 4th birthday they threw a Frozen-themed birthday where the entire family was in character...

Then for her fifth birthday Ayvah was Cinderella and her father was Prince Charming. Look at how cute it all turned out!

"Ayvah has been a little superstar for us since the age of 2," Alex told FOX 26. "We have two boys, who are much older than her and are more reserved."

Ayvah, on the other hand, has a very out-going personality and is involved in everything from competitive cheer to modeling.

On top of her busy schedule, little Ayvah loves music and loves to entertain.

Naturally, when she came across a couple of Selena music videos on YouTube, she fell in love.

"She was amazed by her voice, by her music, and dance skills. She wanted to learn more about cumbia and about who Selena was."

Ayvah was waking up every morning to "Como La Flor", "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom", and all the other Selena classics.

So when it was time to plan Ayvah's 6th birthday party -- the theme quickly changed from Barbie to Selena.

Alex and his my wife put their heads together and decided to make the birthday a concert-like event.

"It was my idea to create a stage," Alex told FOX 26. "I called my DJ friends and musicians to borrow some speakers, stage lights, disco lights and everyone pitched in to make this special."

They didn't just have an incredible stage -- they had a Selena piñata, Selena-themed treats, microphones for the girls to decorate, a rose-embellished cake, and even a Selena performer.

And of course, little Ayvah brought the house down in the famous outfit that the late Selena performed in at the Astrodome back in 1995.

"We truly appreciate the attention that Ayvah is getting, we weren't expecting it. We're taken aback by everyone saying they're planning their own Selena party or their big birthday party. We hope this inspire others to keep Selena alive in the new generations."

Now who's throwing a Selena party?