Terror suspect threatens to 'kill everyone' at Walgreens in Brooklyn Park, Minn.

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Terror suspect Abdul Raheem Habil Ali-Skelton, 23, was arrested early Sunday for threatening to shoot everyone at a Walgreens in Brooklyn Park, police said.

"Dispatch advised they could hear the male yelling through the stores phone that he was going to kill everyone," Brooklyn Park Police Chief Mark Bruley stated.

The incident happened around 2:50 a.m. at the Walgreens located at 7700 Brooklyn Blvd.

Last week, Ali-Skelton, of Glencoe, was federally charged for lying to FBI agents about his last contact with Syria-based members of the terrorist organization ISIL.

According to court documents, Ali-Skelton told FBI agents his last time communicating with the certain individuals was in May or early June 2015, "when in fact the defendant well knew that he had been communicating with such individuals as recently as July 4, 2015."

The Minnesota man is being held at Hennepin County Jail on "threats of violence," Brooklyn Park police said.