Teen boy charged with Rockville home invasion, rape

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A 15-year-old boy is charged with breaking into a woman's Rockville home and sexually assaulting her after she returned from grocery shopping.

Police say Cristian Vasquez, of Rockville, will be charged as an adult.

Vasquez faces first-degree rape, first-degree assault and home invasion charges.

Warning: Disturbing and triggering details below

Police say the woman returned to her home around 11 p.m. Thursday night.

Vasquez allegedly followed her into a bathroom, grabbed her from behind and wrapped his arm around her neck.

Vasquez, who was wearing a mask covering his entire face, then pulled the woman into a bedroom and showed her a knife.

He then covered the victim's face so she could not see and sexually assaulted her. He warned that he would retrieve the knife if she did not comply.

The victim fled in her car and called 9-1-1 after hearing Vasquez leave her home.

Police say video surveillance showed Vasquez leaving the woman's home and entering his home nearby. They also matched fingerprints at the scene with Vasquez.

Police arrested Vasquez on Friday and officers say he confessed to the crime. He is being held without bond.