Swimmer who wrestled shark off coast of Delaware opens up about his experience

By now, you've seen this incredible shark encounter caught on camera at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach off the coast of Delaware.

The man in the video, Dave Williamson, is seen appearing to wrestle a large shark, even holding its jaws open.

Now, he's opening up about the experience on FOX 5 in the video above.

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On Tuesday, FOX 5's Ike Ejiochi discovered that Williamson has professional training - and he was trying to remove a hook from the shark's jaw.

It’s illegal in Delaware to fish for sharks – and if you catch them, you must return them to the water as quickly as possible.

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A number of sharks can be found in both the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Specific breeds may not be removed from the water.

In addition to dogfish sharks and popular sport fishing species such as the mako and thresher, anglers may encounter several prohibited species, including sandbar and sand tiger sharks.

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