Swimmer who went missing in Potomac River presumed dead, Montgomery County Fire says

A swimmer who went missing in the Potomac River Friday still has not been found. Officials were back out on the water through Sunday morning into the afternoon searching for the swimmer. 

FOX 5 has been following the search for the swimmer since it began around 8:45 p.m. on Friday, May 24. 

A spokesperson for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue says the victim is presumed dead and the department is continuing to issue warnings — especially with the unofficial start to summer coming Monday — to be safe wherever you swim.

Montgomery County officials say the missing swimmer was trying to cross from the Virginia side to the D.C. side with another person around 8:30 p.m. Friday. 

One of them made it across but the other did not. Friends of that swimmer say he was 19 years old.

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Montgomery County Fire and Rescue searched Friday night but were unsuccessful. They were back out Saturday, launching from the Old Anglers Inn Ramp in Potomac, Montgomery County but suspended operations.

FOX 5 spoke with people who are familiar with that part of the river and know the dangers of some of the currents and whirlpools it presents, even when the river is seemingly calm.

"I’ve always been wary that there’s some currents that can happen from time to time that can eventually take you if you’re not careful. It really just depends though," said Bernardo Rico, a Mount Vernon, Va. resident. "Right now, it’s pretty calm, but sometimes it might just pick up and you never know what might happen. So I’ve always heard to just be a little bit more cautious."

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue says they spent part of the day doing an education campaign as well near the river, reminding people at that section that it was illegal to swim, and if you were going to be on a boat or paddleboard to wear a life vest.

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