Suspected FOX 5 intruder sued station for $100B; said the company installed a nanochip in him

An alleged intruder who was shot in the FOX 5 lobby in Washington, D.C. after smashing through two glass doors had sued the station in 2014 for $100 billion, saying they had installed a nanochip inside him.

According to the lawsuit launched by George Odemns, he worked on a number of the stations shows in a variety of capacities "with the aid of" the "illegal nanochip."

Odemns is in critical condition after a security guard shot him trying to force his way into the FOX 5 studios on Monday.

Odemns has written a number of emails and social media posts to personnel at the station.

Odemns was known to executives and personnel at the station, as well as police.

However, both said his messages, while rambling and sometimes incomprehensible, never registered actual threats.

Police have been unable to question Odemns because of his condition.

Along with FOX 5, he has reportedly sued Fox News, the White House, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, D.C. police and several others.