Suspect wanted in Virginia house party murder captured in New York

A suspect wanted for the murder of a Virginia man as he was leaving a house party in Arlington earlier this year has been arrested.

Jason Allen Johnson was apprehended in New York on charges unrelated to the killing, according to police. The 37-year-old D.C. man is accused of fatally shooting 23-year-old Michael Gray in February.

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According to officials, Johnson shot Gray following a dispute at the party being held on North 29th Street. Court documents obtained by FOX 5 show Johnson came to the party with a woman named Monique Williams and that Gray got into an altercation with Williams.

Johnson, identified in the documents as a "cocaine dealer," left the party with Williams, and Gray stayed at the party. Police say when Gray walked out, Johnson was waiting and had a gun. After the shooting, Williams is accused of driving Johnson from the scene, going to a Baltimore hotel and later to D.C.

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"We're suffering because it was so senseless," said Gretchen Carreiro, Gray's mother, back in February. "I don't know why his life had to be taken at 23 years old, just at a party enjoying himself. He knew a lot of people there, he had friends there. And this person, I don't know what the altercation was, but it wasn't worth my son's life."

Gray grew up in Manassas and went to high school in Woodbridge. He was beloved to his family and friends.

While Johnson was on the run, Gray's mother said her family wanted justice for their son.

"My son can no longer see these beautiful sunny days," she said. "But [Johnson is] still alive, he will still be able to see his children and we won't be able to see our son."

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