Suspect attempting to break in Maryland woman’s home caught on camera

A man was caught on a surveillance camera Tuesday, lurking outside a Bowie woman’s home before she went inside to call 911.

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Prince George’s County Police say they are investigating why it took nearly 30 minutes for officers to arrive at Kezia Williams' home during an attempted break-in. 

"As a woman living on my own, it’s devastating. I want to be able to count on the police to protect me, to help me process the situations that happen if a criminal act did occur," said Williams.

William’s Ring doorbell camera shows the entire incident unfold on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Since she was told she couldn’t file a police report, she posted the footage on Instagram and tweeted about the harrowing moments which have since gone viral.

Williams starts by telling the suspect "have a good day" as she picks up her dog to rush inside. The man seen wearing a Lakers hoodie is then seen following behind her.

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He walks up the steps and tries to open the door. At one point, he even puts his thumb over the camera to hide what he was attempting to do.

Nearly 72 hours later, Prince George’s County Police did charge the would-be intruder with trespassing but didn’t lock him up.

When FOX 5 asked why they said it is because trespassing is a criminal citation where the person accused isn’t put behind bars but expected to appear to their court date.

According to a case search, the suspect has a prior, lengthy criminal history including burglary, theft and dangerous weapon charges with some cases still pending.

For this particular incident, the suspect also received a criminal summons for attempted burglary in the fourth degree.

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Williams wants to thank the Maryland State Attorney for what she has done so far but would like to upgrade the charges filed by a Maryland Commissioner so that the suspect can be put behind bars.

However, according to an official who works closely with the judicial system, an arrest is unlikely in this case.

"He has open and active cases recently as this year so this is the type of person that shouldn’t be out in the streets," said Williams

In the meantime, Williams wants to remind people to stay aware of their surroundings. She doesn’t want anyone else to experience what she went through.


"Make sure your house is secure. I am thankful I have a security system. I have since bought pepper spray, taser, I have taken extra steps to secure myself," said Williams. "Anything could’ve happened to me and I’m just grateful to be alive."