Superb Owls across DC, Maryland and Virginia

WHO doesn't love owls? Over the years, FOX5 has encountered a few local favorite – some might say superb – owls in and around the D.C. area. 

These are their stories. 

Snowy owl in Union Station

PHOTO: Konstantine "Gus" Mamalis

Last winter, a rare snowy owl was spotted on the roof of Union Station. Wildlife photographer Konstantine "Gus" Mamalis captured images of the snowy owl around downtown D.C. 

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Rescued owl in Maryland

Photo via Jane Baxter

This owl was rescued back in 2015 by a caring couple who spotted it on the side of a road in Maryland. Jane Baxter and her husband wrapped the owl in a towel and took it to a veterinarian friend's home. 

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Snowy owls snapped on Maryland's Assateague Island

PHOTO: Konstantine "Gus" Mamalis

Wildlife photographer Konstantine "Gus" Mamalis is always on the lookout for snowy owls, in and outside of downtown D.C. He set out to Maryland's Eastern Shore to capture photos of snowy owls in 2020. 

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Tiny owl rescued in Dentsville

PHOTO: Charles County Sheriff's Office

A retired Charles County police officer rescued this tiny owl she found in the middle of the road in 2019. The owl, which was nicknamed "Lil Screech," was transported to Owl Moon Raptor Center. 

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Woodley Park owl attack

PHOTO: Anna Scrimenti

You don't often hear about owl attacks, but they can get up close and personal if they feel threatened or confuse you for prey. That's likely what happened in 2019 when an owl dive-bombed a woman's head three times in Woodley Park. Anna Scrimenti walked away from the incident with no major injuries. And because this owl was doing what owls are known to do, they make our list of superb owls. 

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