Study shows women in DC make nearly $16K less than men

A new study from the Chamber of Commerce finds the median salary of women in D.C. is $15,978 less than the median salary of men. 

The study looked at 50 cities nationwide with the largest gender pay gaps. Washington, D.C. came in as number 23 on the list, ahead of nearby Alexandria, Virginia at number 41 with a pay gap of $12,489. 


This is considered 'middle class' income in Washington, DC area

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According to the study, men's median salary in Washington, D.C. is $104,120, with women's median salary $87,244. 

The analysis from the Chamber of Commerce looked at earnings for full-time, year-round workers within the most populated 170 cities in the United States and compared earnings among those over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree. 

The national average pay gap between men and women is about $11,165. Sunnyvale, California saw the highest pay gap in the country, with men's median salary $40,584 higher than women's. 


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