Students wear 'Child of God' headbands in support of New Orleans Saints' Demario Davis

After New Orleans Saints player Demario Davis faced a $7,000 fine for wearing a “Man of God” headband during a recent NFL game, many rallied around the professional linebacker in support — including young fans at an area school.

Students and teachers at St. Louis King of France Catholic School made their own “Child of God” headbands in support of Davis, who first took heat from the NFL for wearing the personalized headband in a Sept. 22 game against the Seattle Seahawks.


Students are pictured wearing their own handmade “Child of God” headbands in support of New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis. (Photo credit: St. Louis King of France Catholic School)

Davis was fined $7,017 because his “Man of God” headband violated the league’s uniform policy.

The Catholic school, serving children ages 6 weeks through 7th grade, gathered in the courtyard for photos, alongside teachers and staff who also donned “Woman of God” or “Man of God” headbands.

The football player later posted a photo of the students at the New Orleans school, adding that he had won an appeal against the NFL and would not have to pay the fine.

“So my agent just told me that I won my appeal and won't have to pay the headband fine,” Davis wrote on Instagram. “Then I see that St. Louis King France came together today to support the movement! Won’t he do it! Look at all these beautiful children of God!”

Davis said he planned to donate the original $7,017 fine to St. Dominic Hospital and is now selling the headbands online with all proceeds given to the hospital’s emergency department.

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“So far, we’ve raised over $30,000 for them from the headbands,” Davis wrote Tuesday on Instagram. “That means ya’ll helped me turn a $7,000 negative into an almost $40,000 positive benefiting people who truly need it!”

This story was reported from Cincinnati.