Student responding to online job posting says she received private patient info from social worker

It was Friday night and Briana Jenkins, a college student from Capitol Heights, was surfing the web looking for a job that would give her some extra cash.

She saw a Facebook post under the alias "Summer Rose Love" to the "JOB CONNECTS AND HOOK UPS" page seeking to "hire someone to do my notes for me $150 every two weeks." Jenkins responded.

"It sounded like a good side job to do," she said. "It sounded like it was just typing something up."

But Jenkins, a pre-law major, sensed something was wrong when she instantly received a dozen case files in her inbox with names, birth dates, social security numbers and most shockingly - medical diagnoses. Several of the case files belonged to people diagnosed with mental illness.

"I initially took one look at them and I realized that maybe you shouldn't be sending this to somebody that you have never met without any background check or anything," Jenkins said.

She said the files came from Inner City Family Services, a private social services agency in Southeast D.C. Jenkins called the center's director to report the case worker who sent her the files.

"She was like, 'Wow, she's here. I will deal with this. If I need anything else from you, I'll let you know,'" Jenkins recalled.

Since the incident, Jenkins said the case worker has been harassing her through text messaging.

"She texted me and said that you have ruined everything, I would have never done something like this to you," said Jenkins. "She does not know me."

The center's office manager did confirm the case worker's employment at Inner City Family Services, but we are still waiting to hear back from the director as to whether the social worker will face any disciplinary action.