Streets flood in northern Virginia following overnight storms

Last night turned into a nightmare for many northern Virginians following heavy rain and flooded streets.

Flash flooding from the overnight storm early Sunday sent first responders rushing to rescues all over northern Virginia.  

At one flooding location, multiple people who started their night planning to have fun at an Alexandria club, ended up soaked and angry, hoping to rescue their cars. It was too late. 

Later Sunday morning, FOX 5 DC found debris and mud all over the parking lot at two plazas located near Pickett and Van Dorn streets.

A woman who shared her video with FOX 5 but did not want to be identified said multiple people were inside "Hash Tag Tavern" as the storm was raging. Two others told FOX 5 that flood warnings came across their cell phones while they were inside the bar, with water rushing into the parking lot about 20 minutes later. 

WATCH: FOX 5 Meteorologist Matt Cappucci was up when the flooding hit: 

The flooding appeared to happen between 1:30 and 2 a.m. Sunday. On the site, "OpenMHz," FOX 5 could hear the Fire Department recommend more police be called in to aid the businesses.

At least three people were still, furiously, waiting for tow trucks to arrive some 6 hours later. 

"I had no idea. Like my sister literally just pulled out the garage and said it’s flooded. So I’m looking around like, ‘Did we have a tornado or a storm that we’re not aware of.’ It’s very extreme," said Tia Hardley, who lives in the building across the street from the flooded parking lot. 

Businesses were still able to open on Sunday, not experiencing any flooding inside. 

Will we stay dry today? Gwen Tolbart has your forecast: