Stray bullet grazes woman's forehead in DC

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) -- A D.C. mother is happy to hold her daughter in her arms again after a bullet grazed her daughter's head late Thursday night. Now her family wants the city to clean up the streets.

Porchea Johnson was asleep in her Northeast home on Benning Road when she suddenly heard gunshots outside her window. All she did was look up to see the commotion -- an action that nearly robbed her of her life.

"I heard the gunshots. I didn't think she got hit until she yelled, 'Mom, I'm hit," said Porchea's mother, Jeanelle Lane.

"I heard a couple of gunshots so I tried to look out the window and I was looking I felt something hit my head. So I just instantly held my head and called for help from my mother," said Johnson.

"I just went crazy. I just ran into the bathroom got a rag and held it to her head," said Lane.

"I had a lot of blood coming out of my head so I'm like, I don't know what's going on," said Johnson. "It felt as if like someone had threw a brick hard, like a brick at my head very hard so I instantly knew something had to hit me from the gunshots."

"I just wish that they could just get the guns off the street. Stop the shooting. Stop hurting innocent people. I could have lost my daughter, totally lost her last night," said Lane.

"If you ain't safe in your own house then where are you safe at?" said Johnson.

This is the second time this week the family says they had gunfire at their home telling FOX 5 their car was shot up just this past Tuesday.

DC Police say they are actively investigating this incident and are asking anyone with information related to this crime to contact them as soon as possible.