Stratford University students fear starting over as school shuts down

Stratford University is shutting down all of its campuses amid financial hardship and a reported dispute with the Department of Education.

The closure means hundreds of students could reportedly have to start from square one, including 300 nursing students who were set to graduate this year.

Some of those nursing students told FOX 5 they’ve already accepted job offers. Now, they’ll be forced to delay their start date and hope their future employer will make accommodations.

FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis spoke with Stratford University’s President, Dr. Richard Shurtz, who said this all started amid the school’s accreditation issues.

The Department of Education ultimately placed sanctions on the university. 

The sanctions included not admitting new students, which Shurtz said has impacted the school's revenue, forcing it to close. 

Students were reportedly notified of the news in August. 

Shurtz met with students Monday at the school’s Alexandria campus. The Stratford University president said he’s working on a plan to transfer nursing students to Tysons Corner-based Chamberlain University, but it’s not a done deal just yet and there’s no guarantee credits will transfer.

A similar deal was reportedly struck with another university and Stratford’s IT students.