Stop calling us 'Weather Wimps!'

2.4 inches of snow was the official reading at Reagan National airport for Tuesday's storm.

Much of the metro area saw anywhere between 2 and 4 inches of the white stuff hit the ground.

A lot of the time, just a few inches of snow can lead to big problems in and around the city.

Tuesday was one of those times.

Many public school systems in the surrounding counties closed their doors or delayed opening times, federal agencies permitted unscheduled leave, police in area counties reported dozens of accidents and traffic in general slowed to a crawl.

Some mass transportation systems were delayed, school buses in some areas got stuck on the way to school, and some school districts even apologized for not canceling classes.

On Twitter, #closeFCPS trended worldwide after the school district decided to stay open during the storm.

So what do you think? Are we weather wimps or are we just extra cautious when it snows? Are you a person who believes that things should go on like normal when it snows or do you think things should shut down?