Starbucks robber to sue customer

A man who is accused of trying to rob a Fresno, California Starbucks plans to sue a customer who stopped him for using excessive force.

Fresno police called the customer a "courageous hero" for his actions and did not charge Cregg Jerri for his actions.

It happened on July 20th. Police say that Ryan Florez wore a Transformers mask and showed what ended up being a fake gun before pulling a large knife and demanded money from the barista.

Jerri says what was going on, grabbed a chair and attacked Florez. Jerri was stabbed in the neck but managed to wrestle the knife from Flores and stab him repeatedly.

The robber's mother says that was excessive.

"He has seventeen total stab wounds," Pamela Chimienti says. "The guy, in my opinion, went from a Good Samaritan to a vigilante."

Fresno's police chief is among those who can't believe Flores is thinking about suing.

Flores faces armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Jerri received minor injuries but is expected to completely recover.