Stafford County residents still without power; secondary roads covered in ice

Stafford County residents are continuing to feel the effects of Monday's snowstorm with many still without power and the state trying to clear secondary roads covered in ice.

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Power is out in several places throughout the county including streetlights, gas stations and thousands of homes. Dominion is hoping to restore power to 80 to 90 percent of homes by 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Local officials are working with the state to clear secondary roads still covered in ice across the county.

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The Virginia Department of Transportation says they did not pre-treat the roads for Monday's snowstorm because of rain on Sunday. Now, residents are still shoveling out of their homes and driveways.

Road clearing improved slightly on Wednesday with more help from VDOT.

County officials are also preparing for another snow event on Thursday night. They say they've already begun coordinating with VDOT to salt the roads.


Officials say they are in a much better position than on Monday.