Southeast DC restaurant changes to meet shutdown challenges, and give back to community

A new spot in Southeast D.C. is transforming the way they do business in an effort to give back to the community.

And people around the country are taking their lead.

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Erik Bruner-Yang calls it “The Power of 10.”

That’s $10,000 for 10 jobs – which turns into 1,000 meals.

And all you have to do it donate $10 to contribute to the cause.

Most people who are lucky enough to work are probably at home.

But Bruner-Yang is in his car – wearing gloves and a mask.

The owner of ABC Pony refuses to sit around when there’s a job to be done.

Today, they delivered 800 meals.

Bruner-Yang opened his Southeast sport in December, along with his already impressive list of restaurants.

But the coronavirus pandemic forced him to drastically reduce his operations – leaving his workers, and thousands of others across the D.C. region – without work or money.

“Outside of the hospital worker, they’re the most important workforce in the United States right now,” he said.

While staring at empty dining tables and clean kitchens, Bruner-Yang had an idea.

People need food and money – so he came up with a way to provide both. He calls it “The Power of 10.”

“For $10,000 a week, we can secure 10 full time jobs and provide 1000 free meals to anyone in America, not just D.C.,” he said.
Through is website, everyday people can donate just $10 to a general fund.

For the past three weeks, Bruner-Yang raised more than $30,000 in individual contributions, and another $40,000 in grants – bringing the total to $70,000.

“We’ve used most of that money to sponsor a neighborhood restaurant near me called Cane, an amazing Caribbean restaurant. They make a 1000 meals a day for Washington Hospital Center,” Bruner-Yang said.

“If all I have to work on is making sure people get paid and we can feed people at the same time that’s what my priorities are right now,” he added.

Bruner-Yang says he plans on expanding Power of 10 with launches in Charlotte and Los Angeles next week.