Silver Spring church hosts wellness fair to raise awareness about health

A wellness fair and block party held on Saturday in Montgomery County was focused repairing the mental and physical health of our communities

The event was hosted by Jesus House DC church, which is based in Silver Spring. The church has hosted the wellness festival and block party every year for the last 23 years.

For this year's event, Vice Chair Busola Patrick says the church was bringing awareness to how their community is taking care of their mental, physical and even spiritual health in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"This year we are focusing on depression across the developmental continuum - adults seniors and teens who have been impacted," says Patrick.

The event was set up by church volunteers, and more than 50 small business vendors took part.

Organizers and those taking part in the all day fest hope that events like these can not only raise awareness about self-care, but also help reduce crime.

"I really hope that when people come out, and actually are partaking in an event like this, that they are able to have a moment of self reflection, like ‘what am I doing that is really wrong and can pair up with an organization that can help me out,’" Patrick tells FOX 5.

One of the vendors at the event also reiterated that point, and added that the event can help bring the Silver Spring community together.

"I think having events like promotes a sense of togetherness in the community and allows people to feel like this is our home," says Shile Bello.