Shopping in Georgetown: Has the go-to retail district lost its edge?

For decades, Georgetown has been the go-to destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in the District.

The neighborhood is a fun place to live and visit, with deep historical roots, but there is growing concern that Georgetown may have lost its edge, especially when it comes to retail.

If you take a walk through Georgetown these days, it's impossible to miss -- Storefronts, lots of them, are empty.

The once thriving retail district along Wisconsin Avenue NW seems to be dying.

"It's a problem. You don't want your neighborhood looking like in places, two or three block stretch, there like a ghost town".

In fact, Georgetown now has more empty retail space than it's had in the last five years.

"It affects the quality of life in the neighborhood to have empty spaces on Wisconsin Avenue and it also affects the long term value of our homes," said Rick Murphy, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

Murphy and others point out Georgetown is now in competition for entertainment dollars being spent around Nationals Park, Gallery Place and The Wharf -- and that's where Jamie Scott comes in. He is with the Georgetown Business Improvement District with a mandate to turn things around.

"Georgetown, like all other retail districts in D.C. and around the country, are suffering -- are feeling the effects of the change in customer behavior more people are shopping online -- younger people are buying experiences and food, not necessarily buying things," said Murphy.

In an effort to lure in retailers to fill the shops in Georgetown, property owners are coming up with creative new ways to lease.