"She’s the boss": Maryland man, mom talk lobster after $1 million Powerball prize

Who's the boss? She's the boss!

It will be lobster dinner for a Maryland man and his mom after they won a $1 million lottery prize playing Powerball.

The 51-year-old man and his mother took home the jackpot after winning a September 14 Powerball drawing.

The son told the Maryland Lottery that the two emigrated from Cuba over 20 years ago. He said his mom loves playing the lottery, and he supplies the tickets. "Mom likes to play, and I take care of her," he said. "That's the way we were raised."

"She's doing fine. She's driving me crazy," the son told officials when he claimed the prize. As for any plans for the money – we'll have to see! "I gotta wait for her. She's the boss."

"We're just simple people. This will set us up and give us some in reserve," he said. One splurge is guaranteed – a lobster dinner! Mom's request!