She's got moves: Virginia teacher is a cross guard dancing queen!

Now this is some school spirit.

Students attending Tyler Elementary in Prince William County have extra reason to be peppy heading into school: their dancing crossing guard.

Bridgette Everett is a teacher at Tyler and has been directing traffic into the school since 2012. As you can see in the video above, she clearly has some fun with it.

The school's principal tells Fox 5 that Everett was inspired by a recent video of an airport employee dancing on the tarmac.

Now, Everett is a "ray of sunshine at the start of the day" for students.

"Her goal was to put smiles on faces and she certainly accomplished that," Tyler Principal Jennifer Perilla says. "I don't know if she plans to make this a tradition but as her principal, I sure hope so."

We hope so, too. Go Bridgette!