Sex offender bought victim a shot at Clyde's, then raped her, Montgomery County police say

A registered sex offender from Chevy Chase is back behind bars after he bought a woman a shot at Clyde's on Wisconsin Avenue and then allegedly raped her, according to Montgomery County police.

According to police, the victim went to Clyde's in Chevy Chase to see a band on Saturday, Jan. 26.

The victim told police she had a drink with a meal and then began chatting with the band after the show.

Police say 46-year-old Philip Kantor offered the victim and the band members a drink.

The victim told police the last thing she recalled from the bar was drinking a dark, yellow colored liquor from a shot glass.

The victim told police that the next thing she remembered was waking up with Kantor forcing himself on her.

She said she was completely naked and disoriented during the ordeal, and uncertain where she was.

The victim told police that she believes Kantor raped her twice, and took pictures of her naked body.
Afterward, she fell asleep again, and then woke up feeling groggy and disoriented.

She told police that Kantor helped her gather her clothing, but did not return some items to her - including her underwear, her iPhone, or her bracelet.

Although the victim didn't know where she was, she told police there was a concierge in lobby of the apartment building when she left, and a Chipotle nearby.

Before she left, Kantor gave her his phone number, saying he could call her to help recover the iPhone.

The victim later went to the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, where she was given a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination.

Medical personnel found bruises on her backside and her legs, and her knees were so swollen she had trouble walking and standing.

When she returned home, the victim found Kantor on the sex offender registry. Once she'd identified Kantor as the suspect, she contacted the medical center and requested a police investigation.

Police found Kantor at an apartment at 4515 Willard Avenue, and took him into custody.

They say surveillance video supports the victim's claims.

Kantor has been charged with first-degree assault and second-degree rape.