Sewage oozing across multiple backyards in Virginia neighborhood

Swampland is oozing across several backyards in a Northern Virginia neighborhood thanks to an aging drain pipe, and no one is stepping in to fix it.

The horrifying debacle is unfolding in Montclair -- a lake and golf course community in Prince William County. The heavy and record rainfall is also contributing to the problem, which is impacting the quality of life for several families who live a chip-shot away from the edge of the golf course.

A dramatic home video shows one family's backyard overcome with sewage water, which has reportedly been an ongoing problem for nearly a year.

"There's a huge drain that has collapsed and the water won't drain through when it rains so we have a swamp," said Montclair resident Paula Lewis.

Lewis says it has come to putting sandbags down to protect her home from flooding. She says she and three other homeowners nearby are all at risk.

"My house has been flooded twice and so that's why I reached out," said Lewis.

Dan Mackey is the general manager at the Montclair Country Club. He insists fixing the drainage pipe is not the country club's responsibility and explains the pipe was put in decades ago by Prince William County or the Montclair Property Owners Association.

"To the best of our knowledge, it's in litigation. We don't know who is responsible but it doesn't make any sense that the country club would have put drainage pipes for the whole community on the golf course because we would gain nothing from it," said Mackey. "As you can tell it's right on the edge of our property line, which is why the water is in their backyards."

Lewis says all are passing the buck on who should foot the bill and fix the pipe.

"He wants us to pitch in $10,000 each neighbor to get it fixed... and we cannot afford it," said Lewis.

A manager at the Montclair Property Owners Association said he was not authorized to comment.

The county tells FOX 5 it is familiar with the problem. We are now awaiting their response.

The country club and at least one resident is in litigation with the county about this problem.