Several former faculty members at DC private school accused of sexual misconduct

At least four former faculty members at The Maret School in Northwest have been named in an investigation related to sexual misconduct.

The probe into the school, which was was conducted by the law firm Crowell and Moring, began after a former student contacted school leaders to report a previous incident of sexual abuse by a faculty member.

On Thursday, the firm released a 60-page report highlighting allegations against eight former faculty members, four of whom were especially egregious.

The allegations dated as far back as the mid-1970s through 2008.

One of the former teachers named is Eugene Legg is currently an educator at Rock Ridge High School in Loudoun County, Virginia.

The probe says Legg had a “highly inappropriate close relationship” with a female student.

It goes on to say Legg became “sexually involved with a victim.” It states that the victim “went to Legg’s apartment at least three times and went out with him to various places in D.C.

Jay Singh, a renowned psychologist says this kind of sexual trauma to children at that age can have a negative impact, not only on their mental health but also physically. 

“[Victims] can be overweight, have high blood pressure issues, suffer from substance abuse and other forms of addictions. It really is something that can have a very chronic and long-standing impact,” says Singh.

Loudoun County Public Schools, the district where Legg currently works, released a statement saying: 

“The safety and security of all Loudoun County Public Schools’ students and staff is our highest priority...We take all reports of misconduct seriously, and clearly communicate outlet expectations for employee performance and behavior.”

As for Maret, they acknowledged the allegations in a statement saying:

“The findings of the independent investigation are sobering. There is a trust that exists between family and school that was betrayed by these former faculty members. We deeply apologize for the impact these transgressions have had on the lives of those affected.”

The investigation is still open. The law firm says they will give more time in order to allow more possible victims to come forward.