Several families, turtles displaced after Southeast fire

Several families have been forced out of their homes in Southeast, D.C. following a fire on Friday.

When firefighters arrived to the scene they found a serious electrical issue outside of the apartment building, an electrical arching.

The fire fighters on the scene were able to rescue not only all of the family members but also three pets from the home.

"We're happy to return the turtles to the owners who've lost so much," Sgt John Botwin, from Truck 16 said.
Of course, the firefighters made sure that everyone was out of the homes safely before returning inside to rescue the animals.

Tony Walker, a resident of one of the homes involved in the fire, said that he jumped out of bed so fast to help his family and his neighbors that he accidently put on two left shoes.

"I got up, put my shoes on, opened the closet and all of this black smoke was coming out the closet," Walker recalled.

The American Red Cross came out on Friday to help the residents displaced by this fire.