Serial killer linked to Prince George's County cold case killing

Prince George's County police say a notorious serial killer has confessed to strangling a woman in the *area* in 1972 - a woman who has never been identified.

Police say *Samuel* Little has a photographic memory, and told investigators exactly where he killed her.

Detective Bernie Nelson and Sergeant Greg McDonald recently flew to Texas, where they interviewed *Little* about a case they had been unable to solve for 46 years.

Detective Nelson said it was an experience he will not soon forget.

"He described it in a way when I interviewed him - he was actually excited about the way - how he did this murder and, from what I understand, he gets excited every time he describes how he killed a female," Nelson said.

The veteran detective said it was an experience he will not soon forget.

"In the 25 years that I have been in homicide I have sat across from countless killers and I can truly say that Samuel Little is a true monster," Nelson said.

*Little* told the detectives that he met the woman at the Greyhound Bus Station at New York Avenue Northwest - the façade is still there.

*He* told the investigators they hung out for a few days and then went for a ride up the BW Parkway to a dirt road near 197 - and that's where he strangled her and left her in the woods.

Little said it would have been around May of 1972. Her body was discovered by a man walking through the woods seven months later.

Little told police he thought the woman was from Massachusetts. Investigators are now hoping to find the victim's family.

"To summarize all that, 5-foot-2 to 5-foot-6, white female, blondish colored hair - she possibly had a child that he says she mentioned at one point and she was divorced and possibly lived in the Massachusetts area so that's the most important I think for us to contact her family," Nelson said.

Police do have DNA and would be able to positively identify the woman if a family member came forward.

Little will not be charged in Prince George's County since he is serving three life terms in Texas.