Sea lion eats, throws up toddler's sock at zoo

A male sea lion at Utah's Hogle Zoo was ill after apparently eating a toddler's sock.

According to the zoo, the sea lion named Diego threw up a toddler's sock Monday morning after not feeling well on Sunday.

The sea lion showed signs of being sick. He had lost interest in training and didn't want any treats.

After Diego threw up, he seemed to be on the mend. The sock was a size 2T-3T.

The zoo warned others on its Facebook page, "Friends, animals can die from eating foreign objects.
Please keep very careful track of your belongings near animals enclosures. Watch those little toddler socks, gloves, flip-flops, phones etc. And please, if you do drop something, please tell someone! Do not feel too embarrassed to let us know. We can retrieve the item if we know about it."

The zoo reports Diego is acting like himself again and is back out swimming in "Rocky Shores."