Schools in Maryland, Virginia release snow day plans ahead of expected winter weather

Winter weather, including as much as a foot of snow in some areas, is expected to hit the DC region on Wednesday. School districts from Maryland and Virginia are now sharing their snow day plans and detailing whether or not the inclement weather will deter online and in-person learning.

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Here are the latest updates:


- Calvert County: The county is planning to have fully virtual instruction on days with inclement weather. However, in the event of widespread power failures, they say they would cancel instruction.

- Charles County: A spokesperson says the county has not altered their inclement weather days yet for this school year. Right now, they say they have four additional days built into the school year. The superintendent and her leadership team will meet this week to discuss altering the inclement weather plans. 

- Frederick County: In the event of inclement weather, FCPS students will continue to engage in virtual instruction using the schedule for all virtual or the schedule for the hybrid model. An announcement canceling small group instruction will be made by 5 a.m. on inclement weather days, and those students will also participate in virtual learning for the day. If the weather event is significant enough to warrant closing FCPS offices, then an announcement will be made that the entire system is closed and no virtual instruction will occur. This will be considered a "snow day" and the day will be made up as outlined in the FCPS Calendar Handbook.

- Howard County: HCPSS will transition to fully virtual instruction during inclement weather days. This will allow the school system to make a decision earlier when inclement weather is expected and provide families with earlier notice so they may make necessary adjustments.

- Montgomery County: Unless there is a countywide power outage of sorts, the county anticipates following their normal virtual instructional schedules on days when it snows. They say they would need to revisit that once they start to bring groups of students back in the building. 

- Prince George's County: During distance learning, students will be required to join their classes if there is a snow day or inclement weather. However, should the weather impede on their ability to access the internet, such as cause a power outage, students can report their tech outage to their teacher as stated in the current distance learning guidelines. 


- Alexandria County: The county plans to continue virtual learning in the event of snow on Wednesday. 

- Arlington County: In the event of inclement weather that makes travel to and from school unsafe, the county says they would revert from in-person to distance learning for all students, including those in Level 1 or any students participating in in-person learning support. If there are severe storm-related incidents such as power or network outages that would not allow students or teachers to connect, the county would look at closing school. In the case of a power or network outage, instruction would be cancelled. The county's notification procedures for all school-based activities such as meal services and athletics would follow normal protocol.

- Fairfax County: No updates regarding snow days has been released at this time.

- Loudoun County: As the potential for inclement weather is more likely, LCPS says “snow days” will be observed in the 2020-2021 winter season. LCPS central staff will continue to monitor forecasts and existing conditions and make determinations for inclement weather closures and delays on a case-by-case basis. Should the decision be made to close buildings or call for a delayed opening, parents/guardians and staff members will be notified by phone calls, text messages and emails, and area news media will be informed. 

- Prince William County: When bad weather or other emergency situations occur, the county says it may be necessary for PWCS to cancel, delay or close schools early. Except in unusual circumstances demanding emergency measures, the decision will be made the night before, or not later than 4:30 a.m. on the morning of a closing or delay. Students are also able to take advantage of a Code Red Day to optionally catch-up on or for voluntary work on assignments already assigned. Students may not be assigned required work on Code Red Days and teachers will take the missed time into consideration of deadlines or test scheduling. 

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