School coordinator remixes 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' to announce school closure

When the inclement weather caused this school to close, a school coordinator decided to deliver the news with some 90's swag.

For the past 13 years, Alexander White has been the coordinator of at-risk programs for Jefferson County Schools in West Virginia. One of his duties includes making that weather-related phone call, the one that parents hate and kids love-- school closures.

In a viral video upload to Facebook, Mr. White grabbed a pen and pad, tapped into his 90's roots and announced the school closure, all while rapping to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's theme song-- yes, he nailed the track!

"This was my first crack at a singing video announcement and I chose The Fresh Prince theme because, well, if you're not keeping it old school, you're doing it wrong!" White said, "Plus Will Smith is a legend whom I've always admired and we ALL know him."

He enjoys putting a smile on people's faces, which is why he created a Facebook page called 'Friends of Mr. White' as a creative outlet to brighten everyone's day, while also providing parents with important information.

Can we get an encore!